Jewelry storage. Jewelry should be stored in original RenéDeco jewelry box or in your box. If you will store jwelry in your box (not in RenéDeco original box) then please choose the right size of the box due to jewelry would have enough space and will not be deformed over time. Strictly do not store jewelry in a damp room ( for example: bathroom or in a bathroom furniture). Please do not put several jewelry into one box due to avoid friction between jewelry and to protect from inscribing and breakage.

Jewelry wearing. RenéDeco jewelry are created using ceramics, natural leather, fabrics – so you should save them – do not wear daily.  Please take off the jewelry before washing your hands, taking a bath, while sunbathing, sleeping or doing activities like cleaning the home, washing dishes,  construction or finishing works, spraying the perfume, doing make up, applying the cream on hands, face or body. Do not spray perfumes on jewelry or next to them because in this way jewelry details can change the color, fade, change the shape, jewelry wire cords can oxidize and over time can discontinue. No warranty is given improperly wearing or storing the jewelry.

Jewelry cleaning. Please use the jewelry polishing cloth (wipes) in order to clean jewelry with silver details or clasps. You can buy it in the store which sells silver/gold goods. Silver/gold details have a feature that rearly wearing, silver/gold details tend to get darker and change the color.